MS·Stress - Strain

Posted by XiLock on May 1, 2021


MS2017自带StreeStrain.pl脚本(使用Souza-Martins方法计算应力-应变曲线的脚本)可以用来分析应力应变曲线,导入过程参见Tutorials > Scripting tutorials > Executing scripts from the User menu


  1. Open the Script Library dialog and, on the Library tab, click Add button for Location.
  2. Change the name of the new folder to Examples.
  3. In the bottom panel of the Library tab, click the <click to add path> item.
  4. In the type path here field, enter the full path to your \share\Examples\Scripting folder.如C:\Program Files (x86)\BIOVIA\Materials Studio 2017\share\Examples\Scripting.
  5. On the User Menu tab, click the Import... button. Navigate to the Examples\Scripting folder and open StressStrain User Menu.xml.添了一个名为StressStrain的commond.
  6. Select the StressStrain command.出现了commond的detail,脚本名此时是红色的.
  7. Click the “…” button for the Script.出现一个tree
  8. Expand the Examples folder and select, click the OK button and then close the Script Library dialog.现在脚本名变黑了,可以用了.
  9. Select File | Save Project from the menu bar, followed by Window | Close All.


  1. 在MS/user中添加StressStrain脚本